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Welcome to  the NewDayStarts blog.. was formed to ‘ PEACEFULLY ‘ protest against the government allowing Islamic Hatemongers to live in our country while raising money for terror abroad, cursing our soldiers and trying to force Sharia law on us,This Division was set up for peaceful demonstrations/marches against Islamic extremists,sharia law,any colour welcome,no racial abuse ect will be tolerated.


CONTACT US ~ eanglianedl@live.com  New Email address to follow.


9 thoughts on “About NewDayStarts

  1. Dear Online Editor,

    Reg: Kind Request to Delete my name from the published article in your website from Daily mail.

    My name is Manindhar Annamdevula, I am now in India and been removed from the UK as on oversatyer in october,the article published on your website is that I have been tried to fraud at Harrods and been removed from the UK

    My sincere request is the can you plese deletet my name form the article, as i am in India and planning to start a new carrier and leading a peacefull life

    Brief about what happend and what the Home office has relesed to the press:

    I am arrested when i tried to use a fake credit card at Harrods in 22-july -2012 ( sunday) as its sunday they kept me in holding cell for that night and next day they have relesed me on a bail and served me with Bail papers and asked me to come to Notting Hill Police station on September 4th and when I went there they have told me that I have to attend the court

    As they instructed I am have attanded the court on 17 -September, when i went for the first timt at Hammersmith Majistartes the Jury have orderd for sentencing on 21st Spetember as I have pleaded guilty at the court on my first hearing

    On 21st September the Court had orderd me to Complete 150 Hours of Community Service and Excluded from any Casions and bookmaker or Harrods Store in England and Wales , as I stay in East London they have asked me to work at Forest gate community Payback offie and 28-09-2012 and meet Mr Kevin Ugbaja.

    I went there on 28th September and he had a detailed interview and questionare with me and told me to come back on 05-October-2012 to stat my community service.

    When i am in the Forset Gate community payback center doing the service the Police came and arrested me as an Overstayer and took me to Forset gate police station and in the coustody Suite they have told me that my Application to remain in the United Kingdom as Skilled Entrepreneaur as refused and the same night they have moved me to Dover Immigration Removal Center and they kept me for a 10 days and then they have removed me to India on 12-10-2012

    My concer was that Home office was misleading my case and even on my Immigration Hitory they have mentioned tha I have arrested on 04-10-2012 at Harrods,London for attemted fraud and served with !S151A as an overstayer and deatined for removal

    as they have relesed press statement all the publication are wrote the same information, as now i am in India and on the process of hiring a solicitor who can rectify the issue with the home office authoities, I would kindly request you to delete my name fro the artcle which you can find in the link



    if you need any more information I am ready to send you and also please guide as these article is publised in diffrent online papers from the UK i want to request all of them to delet my name from thier website

    Thanks and Regard’s
    Manindhar Annamdevula

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  4. The answer to that question today is like the answer a
    few years ago to the question, ‘Does a company need a website’.
    Then, choose the gadget’s title and height and click on “Save.

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