Update – Tommy On Remand

Tommy Robinson has been remanded in prison for the alleged crime of entering America illegally, so extradition to the USA is very much a possibility.


Tommy has been denied any help with legal aid, with Tommy having his accounts frozen he has no access to any monies for legal representation so we need your help!


We need to try and raise enough funds to help Tommy legally as it would seem that those in charge of our judicial system are intent on removing any help he can call upon to help his defence. They want him removed from the United Kingdom Of Great Britain to face a court in America.


We would like word to get out to all our friends here in the UK and in the USA so please spread the word wherever and whenever you can. If Abu Hamza can drag out his fight of extradition to the USA when he is a real terrorist, who has committed real terrorism offences then Tommy “should” have no problems fighting his corner, that is unless those in charge of our judicial system have a quick fire solution to removing him from the UK?


This is a two tier system working against people who highlight uncomfortable truths about the Islamic community, uncomfortable truths that our political elite would rather ignore, but hey they don’t have to live with extremists, we do! In fact they would rather work with them and those who are sympathetic to their cause for the Islamic block vote.


Islamism IS extreme, it is the antithesis of democracy, yet Cameron and Obama are happy to work with groups like the Muslim brotherhood? Just one of many reasons for the EDL to speak out and highlight the political ineptitude of our ruling elites both here within our national borders and those abroad.


Impotent politicians clearly see Tommy as a threat to their diabolical links with Muslim groups who hate the west, this would not be good for the powerful Islamic block vote, something they have come to rely on. Our diabolical politicians have a hard time understanding the reasoning for our protests or the reasons why Islam and the Muslim community are so often linked to extremism, perhaps they should get out of their ivory towers and see what’s happening to their constituents rather than worry about their expenses?


Is Tommy intimidated? Is he going to stop highlighting these issues here and abroad? They know he won’t, that is unless he is incarcerated and unable to speak freely. That just goes to show just how much of a threat he is to our political Islamist appeasing elite.


Tommy has also been arrested on suspicion of assaulting Sayful Islam, a particularly well known Luton extremist who regularly hates on the UK and the USA. He is well known for his links to extreme Islamic groups, and if everyone can remember he assaulted Tommy in a car as he was driving through Luton, but guess what? Even though there is evidence of this happening (a camera crew filmed the assault at the time so it’s all over the Internet) Sayful was never arrested or charged!


Two tier system?


You decide!


Tommy was also arrested for “conspiracy to cause a public nuisance”. Apparently police only need a whiff of an allegation to make arrests on these grounds. Grounds that can carry sentences from fines to life imprisonment. Such is the gravity of “allegations” these days!


So where do we go from here?


We stay united, we stay strong, we stick our fingers up to our ruling elites and say we won’t be broken, we won’t be intimidated, we won’t be coerced or silenced, if anything you are making us even more determined, even more resolute.


Tommy wants us all to stay strong, we have come too far to let all our hard work mean nothing. We owe it all to ourselves and to our future generations.


Tommy has predicted that he will become a martyr to our cause and that it was a sacrifice he was willing to take. We can’t let him down even if our government and judicial system do!


Patriots all over the world need to stay active, keep active, and most importantly of all, keep the pressure on those who lie in bed with the enemies of freedom.


Our politicians need to remember that……






via Tommy On Remand.


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